Herbal Buzz Words: Astringent


Things that are drying, drawing or shrink tissues which can create a barrier.

Herbal examples: agrimony, blackberry, green and black tea, rose, yarrow, witch hazel,white oak

Grounded Gardener: Bugleweed

Lycopus virginicus/ eurppcaus

Parts used: aerial
Key herb for hyperthyroidism, indicated for clients who shake, tachycardia, palpitations, and shortness of breath, (Bartram. 1998, Hoffman. 2003)

Eclectics used bugleweed for restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, tachycardia, and exophthalmic goiter

Dose: 1tsp & 1c water steep 15 min 3x day
Tincture: 1-2 ml 3x day

Safety: avoid with hypothyroidism
Goiter without functional disorder
During pregnancy and breastfeeding
When trying to conceive
Along with thyroid hormones treatment or radioactive isotopes.
Extended use or high dose can cause thyroid enlightenment.

Go Ask Mom: The River of Sticks

The River Sticks

The furry man always takes his toll. No one can fool him. Release and let go of what holds you back/down. Even the deep secret things you don’t even journal about. The things you avoid. Doing it now will be easier then when you are reading it in your book of life as you sail down The River Of Sticks. Realizing it now is free but recognizing it then will cost you your two gold coins. Learn everything you can before your soul is recycled. Look within. Some say darkness fears light, though in the Valley Of Darkness only your own light can shine through.

Journaling Prompt: How do you feel about the accomplishments you’ve done over the last 6 months?

Readers Activity: is there something dimming your light? How can you brighten it?

JEM’s Diary Card’s: Ten of Pentacles

10 of pentacles happy ending, success will be had. If you put the hard work in.

This card isn’t full color, due to the fact that the native must design their own destination, their pot of gold. Success should be colored the way the beholder wants it to be.

Meaning, you have to decide what your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow really is, then color it your way, always remembering to not harm none.

This card is a horizontal laying card. Depending on the spread, it acts as a bridge card. Creating a bridge from one side of the reading to the other which would be the success path, creating a second story line option. Use appropriately. May bypass love.

Journaling Prompt: define success for your life. Not the entire family, just you personally. Now, how do you fill in the cauldron?

Reader activity: organize decks, do you have duplicates? Offer extra your favorite client.

Have a wonderful afternoon.


Herbal Buzz Words: Cooling Energetic


Taste: bitter

Tissue state: cold, depression

Actions: sedation, inflammation, modulating

Element: -∆ (neg. fire)

Dosha: vata or +Kapha
Yin/yang: – yang

Planets: Saturn

Plant examples: dandelion, Hawthorne, lemon balm, Oregon grape, elderberry, rose

Grounded Gardener: Eleuthero root

Eleuthero root
Eleutherococcus senticosus
Other names: Siberian ginseng
Herbal actions: mild adaptogen, nervine
Uses: helps the body adapt and withstand stress.
Promotes restful sleep, it is less stimulating as asian ginseng.
Shown to decrease testosterone significantly by increasing cortisol levels.

Dose: this herb is recommended to be taken for 6 weeks then 2 weeks off for long term use, due to how it trains the feedback loops within the body.

Decoction: simmer 1-2 tsp of powder in 12-16 oz water 20-30 minutes.
Tincture: 60-100drops (3-5ml) 1:4; 3×4 daily (David Winston & Steve Maines)
Capsule as instructed on label

Safety: take caution when using with clients with cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, insomnia

Go Ask Mom: Dream Lover

Dream Lover- dreaming of love and romance doesn’t get you the love and romance. Do the things that bring yourself joy, and love to fill your heart, bringing your dreams to the forefront.

Remember relationships can also mean jobs and new paths of life. Holding on to old flames can be ineffective in one’s growth. The past may not be who your actually dreaming of but just a familiar feeling filling the void only you can actually fill. Dreams of love, may just be letting you know you are needing more self-care and self-love. 

If you are dead set on having a new lover try journaling about what you want from a partner, know your sexual desires, acknowledge your expectations of a relationship. Get to know your own love language so you can best understand how to love your partner and yourself. Be sure it really is the relationship of your dreams.

Journaling Prompt is bolded above.

Readers activity: do something that new for your love life that differs from the normal.

JEM’s Diary Cards: 6 of Spheres.

Juggling the components of life can become all consuming and create a bunch of unwanted stress. Multi tasking can sometimes become exhausting causing health and wellness issues within our lives.

Being aware of the numerous people, places, and things pulling for our attention can only help our self care routine be stronger.

Journaling Prompt: what do you often feel you drop bounce juggle in your life?

Reader activity: which ball(s) can you hand off to someone else for a while?

Herbal Buzz Words: Warming Energetic


Tissue state: heat, excitation

Taste: pungent

Actions: carminative, diaphoretic, circulatory, stimulant

Element: excess fire

Dosha: pitta +

Yin/yang: +yang

Planets: sun, Mars
Planet examples: cayenne, prickly ash, ginger, fennel, St John’s wort, rosemary

Grounded Gardener: Skullcap

Scutellaria lateriflora

Mint family
Parts used: Arial

In north America folk medicine skullcap is used as a nervine tonic and sedative.

Eclectics used it for nervousness caused by physical and mental exhaustion.and functional cardiac disorders.

Modern day herbalist suggest skullcap for tension headache, migraines, insomnia, relief of stress and reducing anxiety. Nervous system exhaustion.

Herbal actions
Muscle relaxer
Mild sedation

Skullcap is known to help cap the crown chakra when there is an unbalance, this the reason it’s so useful for headache and sleep.

Infusions: 1-2 TSP to 8-10 oz of hot water steep at least 10 minutes.
Tincture: 60-80 drops (3-4) ml up to 4 times daily.

Pairs well with wintergreen, passionflower, rose.