Meet JEM

Hi, I’m JEM! I am a creative, talented, and passionate individual that loves to learn new things and share what I have learned.

I’ve been called a “Jane of all trades”. I have decided to share what I have learned to help not only myself but also my family grow and stay healthy by starting JEM’s Eclectic Home. It is my online presence that is a repository of knowledge on what I have been learning and doing in my path toward wellness.

My blog is an assortment of tips and hints that are written to jump-start you on your own personal path to be healthy, stay organized, creative, and green. You need to subscribe to find what will be posted next.

I’ve already written about wellness, crafts, recipes, and family-friendly ideas. It is my first baby step in my lifelong dream of becoming a life coach and opening a wellness center that focuses on whole-body holistic approaches to improving your life by concentrating on finding your balance and purpose. Recently finished my Advanced Herbalist training and I am very excited to be able to help people in a time-honored, traditional way and offer alternatives to modern medicine.

Another passion of mine is making chemical-free cleaning products and body care products. I’ve been creating them for over 15 years now. I have thoroughly researched every ingredient used in all of my products. Depending on the product the ingredients may be included to help an ailment, for aromatherapy benefits or just because they support a healthy body and mind. All of my products are truly a result of a lot of time and love, which makes them the best

that I’ve encountered.

I am proud to bring healing, cleaning products to everyone and will always strive to keep my prices as low as possible because I want families, like mine, to feel they can be as healthy, chemical-free, and still thrive in this ever-growing and pricey world.

6 thoughts on “Meet JEM

  1. Great picture. I think I may have figured this out. Good mental exercise these computers. Love you guys.

  2. Hi, JEM! Looking forward to seeing you and the family soon. I wanted to tell you that when my mother was visiting she was developing a cough so I gave her some of your vapor rub to use. It definitely helped and she wanted me to pass along how impressed she was with it. It has been in heavy rotation recently since our family has also been stricken with chest ailments. J had also mentioned before that the soap was tops. Love your products – kudos!

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