The 6 Components of Wellness: Physical Health

The 6 components of wellness were brought up in my last post. Can You Have Wellness and Chronic Pain? I decided to break down each component for myself and my beloved followers. I believe this can help everyone’s wellness journey by understanding the six components a little better. I decided to start with one that challenges me the most, Physical Health. I seem to have this fear of exercise, it’s not like I don’t like to exercise, Okay I don’t love it at all. The thing is once I start, I feel great; it’s the getting to it that hinders my progress. I make tons of excuses: it’s hard, I don’t know how to properly exercise, and it hurts too much. All of this sits in the back of my mind all the while knowing that if I would just keep at it, exercising would become habit and help my body become stronger so that I might stop hurting so much.

IMG_6454 (2)BUT there is so much more to Physical Health then just working out.  Let’s start with the definition of Physical Health. In italics is what you find when you Google search physical health definition:

Physical Health can be defined as an essential part of overall health of an individual, which includes everything from physical fitness to overall wellbeing.

I think there are 6 important parts that make up Physical Health. They all seem to work together too, when improving one you can improve the other parts. It’s all connected just like the 6 components of wellness.

  1. Exercise
  2. Diet
  3. Sleep
  4. Being Chemical Free
  5. Sexual Health
  6. Being Disease Free

Take a walk, bring the children. Your never to young to learn the importance of physical health.

Let’s break down the 6 parts of Physical Health.

I decided to start with my very most favorite, exercise. As I said before I am not the most fit person in the world and struggle with many blocks towards working out. I am not sure why. I am sure that I want to work towards breaking the blocks down and this is one way I decided to work on that. I know all the health benefits of exercise, it strengthens your body which reduces pain, it reduces stress, helps with sleep, anxiety and depression, and it strengthens your heart. The list goes on and on.

Whether you’re new to exercise like me or a work out vet, you know it is hard, but is it? Is it really hard to care about your body?

If you are new to exercise know that age does not matter, I read this blog about a 90 year old that does yoga and jump roping every day. She was doing handstands. She said it makes her feel young again. There are many free blogs and vlogs out there to help you get started in the habit of working out. I suggest starting with walking and yoga. They are both low impact, easy on joints and muscles. It is suggested to get 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week to keep your heart healthy.

Your diet matters as much as exercise. Paying attention to your diet can improve your health tremendously. Diet can help prevent diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even cancer. These four preventable diseases are the top killers in The United States of America. Diet can also help with sleep, depression and anxiety. We should all be eating a plant based diet or at least whole foods diet. Being aware of what you are putting into your body is very important. Let food be your medicine by eating healthy fresh whole foods.clean 15 dirty dozen

It is not important to start completely organic but it is a good goal to work towards, start with the so called “Dirty Dozen”. Eating clean plant based foods will improve your physical, mental and environmental health. It is important to have a healthy eating schedule also. Try eating dinner an hour earlier so your body has time to digest before bedtime. Can your 20150312_082428 (2)family do a No Fast food for 30 days Challenge? We are going fast food free for a year. Or even just try Meatless Mondays for a month; it’s a small start to a better life.

Getting enough sleep is important for your physical health; it helps with weight loss, allowing your body to rebuild after
exercise, reducing stress, replenishing energy and keeps your mental health stable. Sleep can help you feel better about yourself. Getting enough sleep also helps improve your memory. It is important to get 6-9 hours of good restful sleep a night. Having a healthy diet and exercise routine can help improve your sleep. There are many chemical free ways to help with sleep, there are herbs, meditations, and foods that can help improve your sleeping experience.

Chemicals are everywhere and are definitely harmful for our bodies. They are in our foods, cleaning supplies, body products, air, water and dirt.  Eliminating chemicals from your diet, home and body care routine will help with your overall health. Using natural cleaners and body products can help with asthma and respiratory problems, cancer, attention and 2014-05-22 20.48.10hyperactivity issues, and so many more afflictions. The natural products will also lesson the amount of chemicals that ends up in our air, water and soil. I believe they just plain make me feel better overall, and making my own has helped my family with seasonal colds and save money. Going chemical free will help your physical and environmental health. Let’s stop poisoning our bodies and planet by trying natural products; you won’t know how well they work until you try.

After a long discussion, Mr. JEM and I decided that Sexual Health is important to our physical health also. Having a healthy sex life is beneficial to your health. Although everyone’s version of a healthy sex life is different, there are many studies that show that regular sexual activities improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Sex helps with weight loss, sleep, anxiety, positive body image, building positive relationships and even helps fight depression.

Being diseases free is a rough topic to talk about, as we all know someone who is suffering from one or more diseases. I body quoteam not a medical professional, but prevention of chronic and acute disease is important for physical health. There are many ways to keep these disorders under control: regular doctor’s checkups, a healthy diet, exercise, being chemical free, good hygiene, proper sleep. Pretty much all the components of good physical health can help prevent and/or treat most diseases.

I know this has been a really long post. There is so much more information that can be said about the 6 parts of physical health and they could all be a post on their own but today was just a little bit of information to get you thinking about physical health and ways you might be able to start improving your own physical health. Remember wellness is not a race, it is a journey and only you can be ready to improve your wellness. Take one step at a time. Doing some research on your own and asking questions, is how intellectual health plays a part in your wellness journey. As you can see all aspects of wellness help one and other, you must have a healthy balance of each component in order to achieve wellness.

Stay tuned for 6 Components of Wellness: Mental and Emotional Health.

Namaste ❤


Cooking With Herbs

Cooking With HerbsAn Herbalist’s Point of View

Everyone cooks with herbs and spices. Sometimes we use fresh herbs and sometimes dried, it doesn’t matter which stage you use the herbs and spices. Either fresh or dried will make your food taste delicious. The thing not everyone knows is that herbs, either fresh or dry, have healing properties. Yes, even in your food. You can use herbs in your food to help an ailment and you’ll have a delicious tasting meal at the same time.

In the 5th century Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” I firmly believe he was talking about eating clean whole foods. In the 5th century they also used many herbs to help their food taste delectable.  They knew then that many plants had properties to heal or prevent illnesses and diseases. We wouldn’t have our current knowledge of herbal healing without our ancestors learning it first. Even ingredients of ancient witch’s healing brews translate into everyday herbs we use today. This is because witches were healers, herbalists and gardeners that understood that plants and herbs could prevent and help ailments. You can use herbs in tinctures, salves, capsules and oils to help your body. Why wouldn’t cooking with them be the same? The great thing is that they are the same; you just use them as you cook instead of as a strict supplement. This might take more time then ingesting a tincture or capsule filled with the herb but if you are cooking with the herb everyday it will build up into your system just like the tincture or capsule does."Let Food Be thy Medicine"          I am going to use soup as an example. How many times have you heard someone suggest eating some soup to kick a colds butt? I can’t even count the number of times I have been told to do this or used soup to help my family members feel better. Every time my husband is sick or the weather is a fright I make a big o’ pot of homemade healing soup. The kids make fun of me saying it’s my witches brew. (I have been known to yell at someone for stirring the pot the wrong direction.) I think certain soups are suggested because the ingredients used to make soup help many symptoms associated with the common cold. The ingredients can do things like soothing coughs, throats, congestion and even belly aches. Soup will also warm you to the bone and help remove any germ that might have gotten in during cold weather.

The warmth of the soup helps all thatorhelps sooths your throat,” you might be thinking.

This is true but if you are like me your soup has helpful ingredients in it like salt, onion, garlic, rosemary, thyme, and basil; just to name a few. All of these ingredients are plants that have cold fighting abilities. When you are cooking and eating the warm soup the steam enters your sinuses and the plants that are used work as a form of aromatherapy and decongestant, opening up your airways. Eating the herb enriched soup give your body the energy to fight the germs. Garlic, onion, thyme and rosemary all have germ fighting abilities and basil breaks down the shell of the bacteria so any antibiotics will work better. Some of these herbs even have bacteria fighting abilities. Add a little cracked pepper (red, black, white or well any pepper will do) to your bowl will help give it all an extra kick.

It doesn’t matter if you use fresh herbs or dry herbs during cooking. What does matter is the amount of herbs you use. It is suggested to use 1/3 the amount for dried herbs as you would if you are using fresh herbs. This is because the dried herbs have a higher concentration of flavor. Some Cooking With Herbsprofessional cooks say it is better to add your fresh herbs towards the end of the cooking process. I am not sure that I would agree with this, I believe that when you add the fresh herb you should add them throughout the cooking process. Some in the beginning, some in the middle and some at the end depending on what you are cooking, how you are cooking it and which herbs you are using. You can chop or leave fresh herbs whole. Before using dry herbs I always give them a good crush. Crush the dry herbs by placing them into the palm of your hand, then press or rub the herb gently with your fingers to release the aromatic oils. Always add the dry herbs to your dish at the beginning or middle of your cooking process. This gives the herb time to rehydrate. I always suggest tasting your food as you are cooking. This way you will know if it needs more flavor or not.

Remember I just used soup as an example there is many ways you can cook with herbs to help your ailments. You can control your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol all by cooking with or eliminating the right herbs, spices and foods. You want to make sure you do some research before ingesting herbs, to make sure they are edible. Some plants are meant for aromatherapy and topical use only, others are strictly ornamental. Some are even harmful for pregnant women and nursing mothers. You wouldn’t want to have a reaction because you didn’t make sure the herb was safe for your body. Most herbs you find in the produce or spice isle are safe and healthy for daily consumption. We should all take our ancestor’s advice and let food be our medicine.

Happy Cooking!


It’s that time of year again…SUMMER!

With school letting out in a week and summer about to become wild, I knew I had to have a plan. My four kiddos (13, 11, 8 and 6) are normally pretty good about asking to go to the pool, play video games and watch TV; you name it they ask before I am even out of bed. I refuse to leave the house (go to the pool) then come home to a cluttered house. I don’t know about you but clutter really makes my head freak out. My anxiety flies through the roof, which is already on edge because my kids are very active and it’s almost hard to keep up with them when both parents are around, let alone just me.
We normally keep a pretty good routine since our after school activities don’t change over the summer and they wake up only about an hour later then they do for school. The part that changes is keeping them entertained all day and limiting screen time. This year I decided to take back summer before I get too overwhelmed by making the kids all check lists. The idea is to limit frustration since they will already know what they have to complete before they ask to do something and I won’t have to say no or ask over and over if they did it. WIN, WIN. Today they decided to call them summer Check Lists. I know so original BUT…20140530_161406They are pumped! I am pumped! Fingers crossed! IT’S GOING TO BE A GREAT SUMMER!!
The Summer Check Lists are not to replace their normal chore list. These will complement them. Each child has their assigned booklet. Since I laminated them they can check them off with a dry or wet erase marker, so we can use them over and over.
There are 5 Summer Check lists per child:

  • Do before you ask…
  • Want to go to the pool?
  • Today you can…
  • Did You?
  • After dinner

    What I used to make our Summer Check Lists

How I made our Summer Check Lists:

  1. Decided what I wanted each list to be
  2. Typed them up
  3. I cut and glued them onto colored paper
  4. I laminated them (now we can use them over with dry erase marker.)
  5. Hole punched them
  6. Used a book ring to hold them all together

If you would like a copy of our summer check lists please comment below with your email. I am more than willing to share! How will you take back summer?

I Hacked Vicks Vapor Rub…

Please read this disclaimer.

I Hacked Vicks VapoRub

I have been surprised with all the feedback I have been getting about my vapor rub lately. I never thought it would be so popular. I had whipped up a quick batch last year and immediately gave it away to friends and family members. I never received feed back until now and boy is it nice to hear how well it has helped other families. I decided while filling yet another order I would share how I made it with the world!

The best part of JEM’s Vapor Rub is that it doubles as a Neosporin or Mel-a-gel. Not only will it sooth your congestion you can also use it on cuts, scraps and other booboo’s as well. We have even used it to help bug bites stop itching. Okay I lied the BESTEST part about this vapor rub is that it is petroleum and other harmful chemical FREE!

Now normally I would say the Essential oils are optional but for this recipe they are NOT optional. The essential oils are what makes the vapor rub, vapor rub. I have researched what goes into Vick’s and which oils have healing properties that helps with congestion. Of course you could always add to this list, but I would seriously recommend not taking any of these out.

DIY Vick VapoRub

What you need to make an all natural vapor rub:

  • 2 ½ TBSP Coconut oil
  • 2 TBSP Bee’s Wax
  • ½ TBSP Caster Oil
  • 1 ½ TBSP Aloe Jelly
  • 20-30 Drops of Camphor Oil
  • 40-50 Drops of eucalyptus Oil
  • 30-40 Drops of Tea Tree Oil
  • 20-30 Drops of Peppermint Oil


  1. In a double boiler melt coconut oil, bee’s wax and castor oil together.
  2. As soon as the bee’s wax and coconut oil is melted turn off heat.
  3. Let cool for a few minutes and then add the Aloe Jelly. Mix well. REALLY WELL to get the jelly to mix with the wax and oils.
  4. Once Aloe is incorporated into the wax and oil mixture; add your essential oils. You want to let it cool some before adding the essential oils because they could lose their potency in high heats.
  5. Pour mixture into clean dry air-tight containers. Leave open until the vapor rub cools and hardens.

JEM's Vapor Rub** When doubled, the recipe will make three small 4 oz mason jars worth of vapor rub. **

Once hardened you can use it just like vapor rub. Apply to chest, back, neck, feet and even under your nose (no, not IN your nose silly). This vapor rub is safe for the whole family. When using it on babies I would suggest keeping it off of their face. (Just in case, you wouldn’t want anything getting into babies eye, nose or mouth) When my kids were babies I applied it to their feet and put socks on them. I still do this for Things 3 and 4 and even Mr. JEM when he’s feeling yucky.

If you don’t have time or the ingredients to make your own, check out JEM’s Eclectic Home Etsy store for a chance to have your very own JEM's Vapor Rubcontainer of JEM’s Vapor Rub land right in your mail box right in time for cold and flu season.

I hope you enjoy this chemical free version of Vapor Rub. I know that my family does.

Check out my post…I Hacked Burt’s Bees Hand Salve for another DIY recipe.

Please read this disclaimer.

Namaste ❤


Step By Step How I Saved My Dying Succulent Plant (with pictures!)

I want to talk little about succulents today. I have learned so much about them. I know there is so much more to learn. They are very interesting plants. If you give them time and love they will bloom flowers, produce babies and grow huge in small containers. They don’t need a lot of space to grow twice their size, just love and time. They don’t even need a lot of water. When they are happy and healthy then will be a nice firm plant. But they will shrivel and get wrinkles when they don’t have enough water.20151016_141709

They propagate in ways I have not seen other plants produce young. If a piece breaks off you can lay it on soil, give it water and time and sometimes a new plant will form. You can also cut its flower off, stick it in water on a window sill; it will root and create babies. I know lots of plants will root in water but I have never seen the cut flowers produce roots and new plants.

A cutting that grew roots and babies while in water on my window sill.

A cutting that grew roots and babies while in water on my window sill.

A few weeks ago I noticed one of my succulent plants started to look like it was dying. I wanted to see what the cause was.


What I thought was that it was not rooted well and wasn’t getting enough water. I was right; it had lost most of its roots. As you can see in the picture the roots were barely there, but they are a few tiny ones still there. This made me think…”there was hope for my little plant”.20150830_091533 20150830_091547I wanted to see if I could save the plant, so I broke some of the larger leaves that looked unhealthy off. This will give the main root some extra room to soak up water and be covered by the dirt more.20150830_091636I made my own succulent potting soil by mixing my soil, some sand and small pebbles. I used equal parts equal parts sand and pebbles then doubled that with soil.20150830_094025I placed the dying plant in the container and watered. In about three weeks I had a healthy plant. About a month later it was starting to grow larger again.20151015_121819Saving plants is so rewarding and exciting at the same time.
Namaste ❤

Believe in love, not sin.

Fly my heart to the stars,
Land my mind on the mars
Pull me through my ocean of tears
With your words my sweet dears,
Sing me a rainbow with your smiling grin,
That will paint my world peaceful again.

As your actions set in,
Help me believe in love, not sin.
Sew my wounds with your golden thread,
So my sorrows need not tread.
Walk my soul to the light,
So I can continue the life fight.
Don’t stop believing in the love we share,
Even when others seem to care.
Don’t let them stop what might be,
For me, we and thee, shall see the calming of the sea.
We’ll Rinse the salt from the cracks of those who came before the other.
Together we will save the mother.

Can you have wellness and chronic pain?

I have been trying to write a wellness vs. healthiness blog for about a week, I even had it all scheduled and drafted out. So that yesterday I could sit down and just type it up and post it. BUT the chronic pain kicked in. I drank my lemon water and did my yoga routine that usually helps my lower back and seehip; it just seemed to continue to get worse. I ended up back in bed, thinking who am I to write a wellness and health article, when I can barely get out of bed today. I decided to call my mentor and she reminded me that maybe my story will touch someone and that I should share it anyway.

Today I sit here repeating my new mantra,

I am not my body. I am more; my body cannot stop my mind.

Maybe this shouldn’t be a blog about wellness vs. healthiness, maybe I should write about “Can you have wellness and chronic pain at the same time?” My pain comes and goes; I will have a few good weeks and then a few bad weeks, because I have 4 children and a husband that is gone a lot with work, I push through, but I know my limits. Some days I am knocked on my ass; but I still find a way to keep myself moving forward.

Does this make me unwell or unhealthy? No, I do not think so.

Why? You may think.

First we have to talk about what wellness is. What is wellness?

Wellness is defined as the quality or state of being healthy in mind and body, especially as the result of deliberate effort. Wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle to better your mind, body and soul. The answer to why is right in the definition. Wellness is a lifestyle, a journey, which means you are continually working towards the goal of having a healthy life. If you continually look for new ways to balance the six components of wellness, you are living a healthy lifestyle; which is what wellness ultimately is.

The six components to wellness are:

  1. Physical health
  2. Mental and emotional health
  3. Intellectual health
  4. Social health
  5. Environmental health
  6. Spiritual health

You will need to continually work towards wellness and health. Working on all six components of wellness is how you achieve an overall level of better health. The interesting thing is that all six components work together. When you start to work towards your physical health your mental and emotional health grows. With the growth of mental and emotional health your spiritual health will start to change. As you learn to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy you will gain intellectual health. As you grow you will learn to become more socially and environmentally healthy because you will start to surround yourself with like minded people and clean up your environment. It’s all one; it’s all intertwined in a big giant ball of enlightenment. This is what we all should be working towards anyway.

There are many ways to start your wellness journey. Here are a few…

Physical health: A clean food diet, exercise, using chemical free cleaning and body products.

Mental and emotional health: Therapy, finding a life coach, meditation, a daily of practice gratitude, removing negative people from your life.

Intellectual health: research and learning new things, going back to school

Social health: removing negative people from your life, finding groups and people that have like minded lifestyles or have made similar positive life choices.

Environmental health: recycling, decluttering your home, being paper and plastic free, reducing waste, becoming chemical free.

Spiritual health: meditation, prayer, yoga

Life is not a race. It is okay to take it one step at a time. Even if you do not feel like you have wellness or even that you could, I believe that you are not alone. There are many ways to change that feeling, even if you are not physically able to work out daily; as long as you are working towards a healthy lifestyle and fighting to have balance of the six components of wellness, you are already there. There is nothing wrong with starting small, because that is how journeys start. Wellness is a journey even you are worthy of taking.

2015-09-28 19.09.47

Namaste ❤



By Janelle McCoy

Time goes round and round
but never seems to be found.

Make time, keep time, stop time, be on time.

Time goes round and round,
But never seems to be found.

Time is a lot like space,
empty and infinite but has no race.

Time goes round and round, but seems to never be found.

Line time, Past time, present time, future time.

Time goes round and round,
But never seems to be found.

Time can change, time can be stable, time can wind and time can be lost.

Time goes round and round,
But never seems to be found.

Time goes by right before our eyes and sometimes even flys.

Time goes round and round,
But never seems to be found.

Lost time, facetime, no time, real time
What time is it?

Time goes round and round,
But never seems to be found.

Don’t B!+ch About it; Be About it!

Complaining: Everyone does it.

Living in a military community, in a desert city, I hear a LOT of people complaining. We all complain constantly. I hear any of the following phrases at least once a day; it’s not green, there are no trees, it’s too hot, there’s nothing to do, it’s so windy. And that’s just about the area we live in, I have not even touched on how much we all can complain about the military it’s self. Trust me, there’s plenty.

Even family members and friends that are outside of the military community complain, CONSTANTLY. Everyone Vidya-Sury-Stop-Complaining-2one does it. I am not saying I never complain; I am guilty of it just like the next person. What I am saying is, maybe we should all start to think about what we are complaining about and try to fix that part of our lives.

I notice that when I am around people that complain a lot, I also start to remember what I have to complain about, I start to become wrapped up in this spiral of negative and ungrateful thinking. My mind, body and soul suffers, the people around me seem to become more and more draining. I let go of the house. My dreams and ambitions slowly take a back burner till I am at the point of only doing what I HAVE TO DO. It becomes a downward spiral of…well…DOOM.

That’s not who I am, that’s not how I want to live. I am a beautiful, happy go lucky, full of life person that loves herself and her family and is thankful for the life that the universe has provided.

Is that how you want to live?

miracle-of-gratitudeIt is a journey to get out of a downward spiral of DOOM, which needs to be revisited daily, through practices of gratitude and mindfulness. Use of self love exercises and mantras can help reset your mind to a more positive outlook on life. Decluttering your home and life will also help to remind yourself how grateful you can be of the things you do have (instead of thinking about all of the things we want). There are plenty of ways to help you turn your life around. If you are willing to stop the negative thought cycle and I believe a regular practice of gratitude is a great place to start.

Here are a few ways to help you get started:

Once you start thinking more positively and remember to be thankful regularly, life seems to start to fall back in place. Your relationships will grow with the people that honor your healthy choices and you will know who is truly there for you. Stress will be easier to control and your body will feel better too. You might even start to lose some weight. Becoming grateful and positive is a perfect way to start on your journey towards happiness.

Have you practiced gratitude or complainitude today?


Namaste ❤