Step By Step How I Saved My Dying Succulent Plant (with pictures!)

I want to talk little about succulents today. I have learned so much about them. I know there is so much more to learn. They are very interesting plants. If you give them time and love they will bloom flowers, produce babies and grow huge in small containers. They don’t need a lot of space to grow twice their size, just love and time. They don’t even need a lot of water. When they are happy and healthy then will be a nice firm plant. But they will shrivel and get wrinkles when they don’t have enough water.


They propagate in ways I have not seen other plants produce young. If a piece breaks off you can lay it on soil, give it water and time and sometimes a new plant will form. You can also cut its flower off, stick it in water on a window sill; it will root and create babies.  I know lots of plants will root in water but I have never seen the cut flowers produce roots and new plants.

A cutting that grew roots and babies while in water on my window sill.

A cutting that grew roots and babies while in water on my window sill.


A few weeks ago I noticed one of my succulent plants started to look like it was dying. I wanted to see what the cause was.


What I thought was that it was not rooted well and wasn’t getting enough water. I was right; it had lost most of its roots. As you can see in the picture the roots were barely there, but they are a few tiny ones still there. This made me think…”there was hope for my little plant”.

20150830_091533 20150830_091547

I wanted to see if I could save the plant, so I broke some of the larger leaves that looked unhealthy off. This will give the main root some extra room to soak up water and be covered by the dirt more.


I made my own succulent potting soil by mixing my soil, some sand and small pebbles. I used equal parts equal parts sand and pebbles then doubled that with soil.


I placed the dying plant in the container and watered. In about three weeks I had a healthy plant. About a month later it was starting to grow larger again.


Saving plants is so rewarding and exciting at the same time.

Namaste ❤


3 thoughts on “Step By Step How I Saved My Dying Succulent Plant (with pictures!)

  1. I noticed your post from the Inspire Me Monday – Mostly Blogging site. I choose your post to read because I posted about cactus plants, although not in an entirely serious vein. The information here turns out to actually be pretty useful for me. I have a challenge keeping plants alive, you see.


    • I am glad you enjoyed the info. I notice that the cactus like plants love to dry out between waterings. If you transplant them water them really good then wait a week they will shoot the roots out to find water. Which is very important to keep plants alive. The healthier the roots the healthier the plants! Good luck thanks for stopping by.

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