The 6 Components of Wellness: Physical Health

The 6 components of wellness were brought up in my last post. Can You Have Wellness and Chronic Pain? I decided to break down each component for myself and my beloved followers. I believe this can help everyone’s wellness journey by understanding the six components a little better. I decided to start with one that challenges me the most, Physical Health. I seem to have this fear of exercise, it’s not like I don’t like to exercise, Okay I don’t love it at all. The thing is once I start, I feel great; it’s the getting to it that hinders my progress. I make tons of excuses: it’s hard, I don’t know how to properly exercise, and it hurts too much. All of this sits in the back of my mind all the while knowing that if I would just keep at it, exercising would become habit and help my body become stronger so that I might stop hurting so much.

IMG_6454 (2)BUT there is so much more to Physical Health then just working out.  Let’s start with the definition of Physical Health. In italics is what you find when you Google search physical health definition:

Physical Health can be defined as an essential part of overall health of an individual, which includes everything from physical fitness to overall wellbeing.

I think there are 6 important parts that make up Physical Health. They all seem to work together too, when improving one you can improve the other parts. It’s all connected just like the 6 components of wellness.

  1. Exercise
  2. Diet
  3. Sleep
  4. Being Chemical Free
  5. Sexual Health
  6. Being Disease Free

Take a walk, bring the children. Your never to young to learn the importance of physical health.

Let’s break down the 6 parts of Physical Health.

I decided to start with my very most favorite, exercise. As I said before I am not the most fit person in the world and struggle with many blocks towards working out. I am not sure why. I am sure that I want to work towards breaking the blocks down and this is one way I decided to work on that. I know all the health benefits of exercise, it strengthens your body which reduces pain, it reduces stress, helps with sleep, anxiety and depression, and it strengthens your heart. The list goes on and on.

Whether you’re new to exercise like me or a work out vet, you know it is hard, but is it? Is it really hard to care about your body?

If you are new to exercise know that age does not matter, I read this blog about a 90 year old that does yoga and jump roping every day. She was doing handstands. She said it makes her feel young again. There are many free blogs and vlogs out there to help you get started in the habit of working out. I suggest starting with walking and yoga. They are both low impact, easy on joints and muscles. It is suggested to get 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week to keep your heart healthy.

Your diet matters as much as exercise. Paying attention to your diet can improve your health tremendously. Diet can help prevent diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even cancer. These four preventable diseases are the top killers in The United States of America. Diet can also help with sleep, depression and anxiety. We should all be eating a plant based diet or at least whole foods diet. Being aware of what you are putting into your body is very important. Let food be your medicine by eating healthy fresh whole foods.clean 15 dirty dozen

It is not important to start completely organic but it is a good goal to work towards, start with the so called “Dirty Dozen”. Eating clean plant based foods will improve your physical, mental and environmental health. It is important to have a healthy eating schedule also. Try eating dinner an hour earlier so your body has time to digest before bedtime. Can your 20150312_082428 (2)family do a No Fast food for 30 days Challenge? We are going fast food free for a year. Or even just try Meatless Mondays for a month; it’s a small start to a better life.

Getting enough sleep is important for your physical health; it helps with weight loss, allowing your body to rebuild after
exercise, reducing stress, replenishing energy and keeps your mental health stable. Sleep can help you feel better about yourself. Getting enough sleep also helps improve your memory. It is important to get 6-9 hours of good restful sleep a night. Having a healthy diet and exercise routine can help improve your sleep. There are many chemical free ways to help with sleep, there are herbs, meditations, and foods that can help improve your sleeping experience.

Chemicals are everywhere and are definitely harmful for our bodies. They are in our foods, cleaning supplies, body products, air, water and dirt.  Eliminating chemicals from your diet, home and body care routine will help with your overall health. Using natural cleaners and body products can help with asthma and respiratory problems, cancer, attention and 2014-05-22 20.48.10hyperactivity issues, and so many more afflictions. The natural products will also lesson the amount of chemicals that ends up in our air, water and soil. I believe they just plain make me feel better overall, and making my own has helped my family with seasonal colds and save money. Going chemical free will help your physical and environmental health. Let’s stop poisoning our bodies and planet by trying natural products; you won’t know how well they work until you try.

After a long discussion, Mr. JEM and I decided that Sexual Health is important to our physical health also. Having a healthy sex life is beneficial to your health. Although everyone’s version of a healthy sex life is different, there are many studies that show that regular sexual activities improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Sex helps with weight loss, sleep, anxiety, positive body image, building positive relationships and even helps fight depression.

Being diseases free is a rough topic to talk about, as we all know someone who is suffering from one or more diseases. I body quoteam not a medical professional, but prevention of chronic and acute disease is important for physical health. There are many ways to keep these disorders under control: regular doctor’s checkups, a healthy diet, exercise, being chemical free, good hygiene, proper sleep. Pretty much all the components of good physical health can help prevent and/or treat most diseases.

I know this has been a really long post. There is so much more information that can be said about the 6 parts of physical health and they could all be a post on their own but today was just a little bit of information to get you thinking about physical health and ways you might be able to start improving your own physical health. Remember wellness is not a race, it is a journey and only you can be ready to improve your wellness. Take one step at a time. Doing some research on your own and asking questions, is how intellectual health plays a part in your wellness journey. As you can see all aspects of wellness help one and other, you must have a healthy balance of each component in order to achieve wellness.

Stay tuned for 6 Components of Wellness: Mental and Emotional Health.

Namaste ❤


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