Sharing is Caring…When your Elf on the Shelf gives a lesson in sharing.

Yes, I have another Elf on The Shelf adventure. We all have so much fun with Red Red Fred when Mr. JEM and I found out a family friend of ours didn’t have an elf we decided we needed to let Santa know.

IMAG1976 (2)

Sure enough Santa came through, he always does. This time was by sending Red Red Fred a week early with a letter and gift all wrapped up.20141123_111515 (3)

The letter explained to my kids why Red Red Fred was here so early, and how he thought they were being super helpers this year (because they were). He needed them to help deliver a new adoptable elf to their friends who didn’t have an family elf yet. My kids LOVED the idea!!! This was one of Fred’s finer moments.

Only a few weeks before he fell from the lamp and ended up in the Elf Hospital but that’s another story.

There were no instructions on how to deliver the special package. We sat down as a family and decided how we would deliver the special delivery. How exciting Santa picked us to be his helpers!

“It had to be a surprise like when people BOO you at Halloween.” Someone suggested

So we all jumped in the van with the package in hand and drove off to DING-DONG-DITCH our elf-less friends, giggling and Christmas caroling all the way.

The letter from Red Red Fred asking us to be Santa's Helpers...

The letter from Red Red Fred asking us to be Santa’s Helpers…

Thing 1 and Thing 4 jump out of the van and run to the door, drop off the box, rang the door bell and run back to the van as fast as they could…SUCCESS!!! No one tripped and the family didn’t see any of us and we were off!

My daughter’s friend’s family was so grateful and talked about it for the whole season. I cannot remember what the note inside the package to our friends said but I do remember it was from Santa. I am sure you can think of something special and creative.

Do you know someone who is missing the fun of an Elf on The Shelf this year? Maybe you can work something up like this to give them some holiday cheer!

‘Tis the season to share the Joy!

Happy Holidays 🙂


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