Great Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Family In Your Life

With the new minimalist movement and the holidays coming I thought it would be a good idea to suggest some gifts for families that are trying to be minimal. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy minimalistic families. Most minimalist families have been working hard to get rid of unwanted things. We are trying to keep our homes clear of unuseful items and normally already have everything we need. Every minimal family is different but we all have the same mind set of keeping the clutter low and items useful in their home. Most items in our homes are multipurpose. We also don’t want to get caught up in the consumerism of the holidays OR have you fall for it either.title picture

Try to keep your gifts useful and catered to the families needs, wants and likes. If you are unsure, just ask them, they will tell you exactly what they have been missing in their lives. A lot of times our budgets are so tight we don’t have room for needed things like nights out or family field trips. We might also be saving for something the family needs.

Here are some great ideas for the minimal family.

  • Homemade gifts: remember we don’t like the idea of consumerism, but homemade or handmade gifts are ALWAYS
  • Think year round:
    • Memberships to wholesale warehouses, amusement parks, YMCA, community pool, Food Co-Op’s, etc.
  • Coupon Books (like the cute ones your kids have likely made for you):
    • Make them dinner once a month for a year- they would love the break and time spent with you.
    • Baby sit for them once a month for a year.
    • Lunch or coffee dates
    • Spend time with nieces and nephews’
  • Gift Cards:
    • Specialty stores, hobby stores, websites, grocery stores, restaurants
  • Family Day/Night out:
    • Dinner, movies, zoo trips, amusement park trips, plays etc.

Remember they are trying to keep things simple and you should too. Ask them what they might need, they probably have a list.IMG_7368 (2)

These are just some quick things that I had thought of. Of course you could always just refrain from gift giving all together and focus on what is always most important; the love of family and friends.

Happy Holidays 🙂


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