OH NO our elf fell! What to do when your elf on the shelf falls…

If any of you have a Elf On The Shelf you know how fun the weeks before Christmas can be for kids and parents. Looking around to find your adopted elf every morning is always exciting. Even for my big kids (I think they just want to know if mom forgot to move Red Red Fred or not.) There is sometimes a down side to the fun too; SADDNESS, worry and even TEAR-a-fying moments can appear at any time. No one wants their adopted elf touched or it will leave…FOREVER. So what does a Mommy or Daddy do when the elf falls to the floor from a not so safe place?


Here is how the conversation went…

20151031_113718“OH NO” yelled Thing 3 at Thing 4

“I didn’t do it, you did” thing 4 at thing 3

I listen from the kitchen as I hear Thing 1 and Thing 2 try to figure out “WHO TOUCHED RED RED FRED” “WHY DID YOU TOUCH HIM” it was the loudest conversation we had since Mr. JEM left for S. Korea….it was not long he left.

“He fell from the lamp, I didn’t do anything” Thing 3 and 4 claimed.

Thing 1 instigates “HA, Now he will be gone forever”

“Should we pick him up?”

“No don’t touch him.” Thing 2 Said firmly

“but shadow might eat him.”

I decided to check out what is going on…As I think, what will I do if they decide to touch him. Do I really want to be playing Santa’s helper anyway? “OH NO! How did Red Red Fred fall off the lamp?” I asked while thinking I had a feeling last night he would fall. UGH

After some long through and discussion with Things 1-4 and the ever beloved bestie, Ms Marion (about 10 mins), we all decided it would be best if Fred was not on the floor. Shadow, the 9 month old puppy, might eat him.

We were all pretty sad and didn’t know what to do. I placed Fred in a safe location where the puppy could not get him and 20141202_214340we went on with the day.

I kept thinking WWDD (what Daddy would do)?
WELL Daddy is a medic SO Daddy would fix Red Red Fred all up and take him to the hospital.

SO Red Red Fred went to the hospital.

Some Band-Aids and medical tape will go a long way. I also used a candy cane as a cane and an ice pack for swelling.

We have a saying in our house… “Put some ice on it” IT ALWAYS makes booboos better.

A letter telling everyone where Fred was going and he took a break for a while…


20141202_215739Red Red Fred Fell twice last year. The second time he stayed away for a few days! I decided they should be worried!

HAPPY Holidays!


19 thoughts on “OH NO our elf fell! What to do when your elf on the shelf falls…

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  2. Now I know about Elf on the Shelf. Wondered why it was such a huge thing. Wish I’d learned while my son was still at home. I guess elf will find his way around to our family when the grandkids find their way into the world. 🙂


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