Don’t B!+ch About it; Be About it!

Complaining: Everyone does it.

Living in a military community, in a desert city, I hear a LOT of people complaining. We all complain constantly. I hear any of the following phrases at least once a day; it’s not green, there are no trees, it’s too hot, there’s nothing to do, it’s so windy. And that’s just about the area we live in, I have not even touched on how much we all can complain about the military it’s self. Trust me, there’s plenty.

Even family members and friends that are outside of the military community complain, CONSTANTLY. Everyone Vidya-Sury-Stop-Complaining-2one does it. I am not saying I never complain; I am guilty of it just like the next person. What I am saying is, maybe we should all start to think about what we are complaining about and try to fix that part of our lives.

I notice that when I am around people that complain a lot, I also start to remember what I have to complain about, I start to become wrapped up in this spiral of negative and ungrateful thinking. My mind, body and soul suffers, the people around me seem to become more and more draining. I let go of the house. My dreams and ambitions slowly take a back burner till I am at the point of only doing what I HAVE TO DO. It becomes a downward spiral of…well…DOOM.

That’s not who I am, that’s not how I want to live. I am a beautiful, happy go lucky, full of life person that loves herself and her family and is thankful for the life that the universe has provided.

Is that how you want to live?

miracle-of-gratitudeIt is a journey to get out of a downward spiral of DOOM, which needs to be revisited daily, through practices of gratitude and mindfulness. Use of self love exercises and mantras can help reset your mind to a more positive outlook on life. Decluttering your home and life will also help to remind yourself how grateful you can be of the things you do have (instead of thinking about all of the things we want). There are plenty of ways to help you turn your life around. If you are willing to stop the negative thought cycle and I believe a regular practice of gratitude is a great place to start.

Here are a few ways to help you get started:

Once you start thinking more positively and remember to be thankful regularly, life seems to start to fall back in place. Your relationships will grow with the people that honor your healthy choices and you will know who is truly there for you. Stress will be easier to control and your body will feel better too. You might even start to lose some weight. Becoming grateful and positive is a perfect way to start on your journey towards happiness.

Have you practiced gratitude or complainitude today?


Namaste ❤


5 thoughts on “Don’t B!+ch About it; Be About it!

  1. This is so true! You will hear it from any therapist and I know from experience!
    Thanks for sharing Janelle. It’s amazing how many people don’t know this or make a habit of telling themselves the truth!


    • I am try to be a very positive person, so when people are just making excuses and negative comments all the time it effects me so much. I am learning to not let it effect me as much and be thankful for what I have and it has helped so much!


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